The Orgonite Experiment

How to super-size your vegetables

My first steps on the Orgonite trail took place in Spring 2008, when I decided to distribute the mysterious ‘pucks’ of resin, metal and crystal among friends with allotments and gardens. The resultant, and unexpected, vegetable growth only served to send me further down the path. Orgonite is a recent invention building on the concept of Dr Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator, a device he believed stored and concentrated positive energy. The Orgonite pucks are solid-state versions of the same concept which are intended to take in negative energies and emit positive ones.

In 2009, I decided to find out more about how this simple composite mat­erial – made from aluminium shavings, resin and a crystal – functioned when used by a wider group of people. Was there some person-specific phenom­enon which massively accelerated plant growth, resulting in giant vege­tables? Or was the motive force provided by the Orgonite itself, somehow acting on the environment?

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One response to “The Orgonite Experiment

  1. HEALER AND INDOOR AIR PURIFIER CHEM CLOUND BUSTER If no know of orgone similiar to ozone; research Wilhelm Reich orgone accumulator with it’s health and healing benefits and cloudbuster chemtrails on public internet. Search internet to make an orgone accumulator; search internet to make build cloudbusters with copper tubes, make this item for pocket travel, car or indoors. Tachyon purple plates selling on ebay and elsewhere is same as this tachyon tube with layer of tachyon in and out on tube 1 1/2 inch outside diameter; copper tube is 4 inch long 7/8″ O.D. Make either or combined 1 or all 5 #1 orgone accumulator with only copper tube, #2 tachyon orgone accumulator with anodized aluminum tube, #3 orgonite accumulator with copper tube and #4 tachyon orgonite accumulator with anodized aluminum tube. #5 Tachyon ogone orgonite dissipator/accumulator. The quartz crystal, thick aluminum foil and thick pure paper IS NOT INCLUDED IN PAID PACKAGE; ROLL INORGANIC ALUMINUM AND ORGANIC MATERIAL IN SPIRAL AROUND QUARTZ, SO LAYERS EVEN, EDGES DO NOT PROTRUDE IN CONTACT TO SHORT OUT ORGONE ACCUMULATOR BUILD UP CHARGE; PUT ORGONE SPIRAL WITH CRYSTAL AT END IN TACHYON TUBE; COPPER TUBE GET ORGANIC RESIN EPOXY 2 PASTE CONTAINERS FOR $3 AND INORGANIC METAL BITS. Buy crystal(s) quartz and/or citrine, foil and paper you want; buy epoxy organic resin and inorganic metal bits you want. Repellent reflective negative yin inorganic is inside inner tube; accumulator antenna positive yang is on outside of tube. Dr. Reich stated “the best organic material is wool”; because hair is same as wool, placing on body is also way as outer organic on tube. Professor Tesla stated “AlO2 accumulates tachyon energy because the molecule structure is shaped as pyramid facets same as ruby”. Research L.A.S.E.R. the letters stand for Light Amplify Stimulation Emission Radiation: (orginal LASER instrument was salvaged from failed UFO crash by sworn deposition by U.S. Army officer, the LASER was backwards engineered by U.S. industrys. Compare structure of orgone accumulator to laser; same design; laser needs quartz crystal at end of tube; orgone accumulator needs quartz crystal at end of tube; so light ampifies by shining on mirror polished inner tube (aluminum shiny polished metal functions fine); the light ricochets back and forth to amplify light; light is far infrared (or any ray shone at end of crystal, sun, orgone, etc.,) comes out the opposite end of laser in concentrated beam; for example ‘bust cloud chemtrails pollution’ orgone accumulator is open at both ends; if seal both ends of tube and can make a vacuum in tube the metal produces electrons. If place copper orgonite chemical buster inside spiral of the tachyon orgone accumulator by wrapping aluminum/organic paper spiral outside the copper tube and put inside aluminum tube to have dual accumulator orgonite orgone dissipator which dispells radiation nausea reported by doctor. Faraday cage is closed at both ends, it’s an inorgainic/organic ‘cage’ to repell EMF. make these to store electronic equipment from electromagnetic pulse fron sun or nuclear fallout. If TYPE IN EBAY SEARCH SCALAR HEALER AND EMAIL HERE FOR 1 COPER TUBE 4 INCH AND 1 ALUMINUM TACHYON TUBE 4 INCH FOR $ 8 INCLUDES SHIP FEE ORGONE/ORGONITE ACCUMULATOR/DISSIPATER WHICH HAS RECORDED TESTIMONY OF HEALING TERMINAL RADIATION BY DOCTOR WHO DOCUMENTED PATIENT RECOVERY FORM TERMINAL TO PROGNOSIS OF SURVIVAL
    Search ebay for commercial common ceramic bead far infra red F.I.R. = orgonite; water filter systems on ebay and internet for complete information, also research for data of quartz emf dissipation and search ebay and internet for titanium health benefits. Titanium ionizer for water, air by placing directly in sun is best, sun shade reduces ions to 99% or the only other way is for any indoor light bulb (ultraviolet UV increases ions, so blacklight 4 inch fixture for 4″ tube, led waterproof UV blacklight or UVA germicide 4″ fluorescent is ideal for indoor, or any indoor light bulb must shine directly about a few feet away or inches away if use candle outdoors for water purification is fine; so reflection of bulb shine is seen on metal surface of titanium tube; keep metal tube surface polished, if any coating, film or pollution from water, air collects on surface of metal tube, remove, clean and polish metal tube surface to release maximum ions in air, water. Use for 12 hours, 24 hours maximum to reduce debris build up.on surface of metal tube. For germicide effect for instance a skin scrape; copper tube has germicide properties also; roll tube on skin for germicide acupressure massage. Tube is portable for travel, car or outdoors. Professor Tesla stated “AlO2 accumulates orgone energy because the molecule structure is shaped as pyramid crystal facets same as ruby”. There is report on internet of complete radiation dissipation off terminal patient who is complete sure cure of terminal radiation sickness by having orgonite on affected area for months. When get shipment of 2 FIR orgonite bottles: 1/2 ounce, 1 once; shake quartz AlO2 powder to mix completely in air pocket at top of bottle; silica. Ceramic = silica = glass = quartz is same thing, but glass is melted rock quartz; this item is pure pulverised powder quartz not melted manmade; mixture lasts centurys; keep cap tight under water; best affect is in darkened place as glow in dark watch dial, but far infrared photons cannot be seen by eye. Place, leave bottle in water, air or at base of electronic componets to dissipate EMF by quartz it’s ionic atomic structure propels up and out into outer space any wave (EMF) in way; (other crystals propel wave to down ground earth so put crystal on top of electronic componet); for infrared therapy on skin put bottle in contact on skin so bioactive biophotonic FIR with cells skin layer on affected area same as infrared red led ORGANIC WATER PURIFIER AND TITANIUM NATURAL ION TUBE EMAIL THROUGH TYPE IN EBAY SEARCH; SCALAR HEALER TO BUY $20 INCLUDES SHIP FEE

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