Orgonite Experiments

Experiments with Orgonite

Mark Bennett is an investigative journalist /photographer in the UK who conducted two seed germination tests with orgonite. The ‘orgonised’ alfalfa sprouts in both cases increased 300% in volume compared to the control sprouts.

After supplying orgonite to friends who had gardens or allotments, Mark then collaborated with EcoLogicCool of Brighton, and started a much larger orgonite/plant trial in April 2009.

A participant in this orgonite experiment is P Barker of Brighton.  He planted two plots of land in his organic allotment, one with orgonite placed at each corner and the other without. The orgonite enhanced crops are 4-6 times larger, with a UK penny as reference, despite being grown in the weaker soil which is not as rich in minerals.

In his words: “At first, I was mildly surprised by the different crops.  The area was mostly root crops – parsnips and different types of beetroot and some early carrots.  The plot with orgonite at each corner produced a whole lot more than adjacent plots.  I ended up giving a lot of my produce away.  A major surprise was a crop of self-sown tomatoes in between the beets.  Normally I can’t get tomatoes to grow outside so this was an unexpected bonus.”

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2 responses to “Orgonite Experiments

  1. I am electrosensitive and can feel orgone power. I have a big collection of tower busters and pyramids. I can affirm from my personal experience that orgone works. So seems these plants affirm it too!

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